Unable to Restore Snapshot, no info about the error

Seems like yesterday my SD card in Pi4 died so I replaced with another one (64 Gb).
After formatting the card, also with SD card formatter, I start the procedure with BalenaEtcher, uploading the image.
However, at the end of the process it creates me 2 partitions, one small for Hassio (a few Mb) and another (the rest of SD card) unallocated, with Windows asking me to format it (I didn’t).
When I plug the SD card in my Ri4 HA seems to start normally but when I start the procedure to restore my snapshot, selecting what I want to restore, nothing happens and my homeassistant.local:8123 becomes unreachable anymore, no signs of any ongoing procedure, I waited for hours, nothing works.
Any recommendation? Thanks.

It is not unallocated, it contains linux partition(s) that Windows does not understand.

If restore during onboarding does not work (if your snapshot/backup is too big), just go through onboarding, install samba, copy your snapshot/backup to /backup and restore from the supervisor backups menu.

Hi, when you say “go through onboarding” you mean that I shall register myself as a new user and then restore while in there? Any any case, snapshot isn’t that big, just 360Mb.

Yes, register as a new user, and once installed restore the snapshot/backup

So, I started with a new user, installed Samba, uploaded the snapshot and started restoring procedure from Supervisor section.
My Ri4 is now into my local network again, I can see all the previous files/folders, etc.
However, I’m unable to connect via browser to HA, I tried, with:

Nothing works, I really have no clue about what to do now.

P.S. file “home-assistant.log” is regularly updating.