Unable to "see" my ZWave stick in hassio?


I’m running hassio on Pi4. So far it’s running pretty well but I have a weirdo issue today. I want to start to use ZWave, so I plugged my Aeotec Gen 5 ZWave stick in my PI4 (it blinks in 3 colors for now) and installed the Openzwave addon in Supervisor. When looking for the USB port created by the Aeotec key nothing shows up in the About of my Hassio system.

Whatever ZWave stick is plugged in Pi or not, it shows up same list of USB ports and serial ones (I rebooted each time after adding/removing key and before checking the Hardware Info).
Any ideas what’s wrong here ?



You probably have an older Z-Stick Gen5, that needs a non-powered USB hub to function on RPi4 (known issue). The new Gen5+ stick doesn’t have this issue

likely RickKramer has the issue solution posted above…but another possibility is when configuring the zwave integration use:


Thanks @RickKramer and @ghstudio for your help :wink: For the link it’s not working also :frowning: About compatibility I made some research and found out it’s an hw issue between that USB stick and PI4 and could fix problem by myself to get stick compatible with Pi4 following that easy tuto: *Sticky?* Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 - Raspberry Pi4 :point_up:

I personally don’t like these hardware modifications (probably because I’m not skilled enough with the soldering and stuff), a non-powered USB hub is the safer choice for me :slight_smile:
But if it works, it works :wink:

Yep the soldering is pretty tricky so only if you feel ok to do it :wink: USB non powered usb is the easier and safest solution (no risk to destroy the stick :wink:

A USB 2 hub costs $3.50 including shipping on EBAY (US)…It’s not worth the time to even try the modification and the risk of having to buy a new z-wave stick if you mess up.