Unable to send value to HA from Siri Shortcut

I’m trying to replicate sending data retrieved from HealthKit by a Siri Shortcut to Home Assistant. I am pretty much following the screenshot in this post from some time ago -

[iOS Feature Request] Apple Healthkit Integration - Mobile Apps / Home Assistant Companion for Apple - Home Assistant Community (home-assistant.io)

In the screenshot in that topic it shows under the Dictionary section the entity_id and a value. I do not see that value option when I add new item to Dictionary. I see only -


The goal I am trying to accomplish is to send to a Helper I have created (input_number.steps) the number of steps recorded for the day on my Apple Watch - I don’t carry my phone on my walks.
Without this value I am not sending anything to the server -

Error when calling service during mobile_app webhook (device name: xxxxx iPhone): required key not provided @ data[‘value’]

Any thoughts/help appreciated.

What you are picking there is the type of the entry in the dictionary, not the key. Choose number and enter “value” as the key and enter into that row’s value the shortcut variable you want to use.

All sorted, thanks for the help.