Unable to set a local hosted icon on an entity?


Im trying to set a local / custom icon on an entity.

The custom png file is stored here:

For now I’m setting the icon using the dev section’s “States” page.

The state attributes that I set looks like this:

“icon”: “/local/icons/media_icons/playstation-logo_active.png”

the icon name is reflected ok in the table below that lists the current attributes.
But once I click on the entity the logo is just blank.

I’m able to retrieve the icon just fine using this url:

any ideas as to what could be the issue at hand here ?


/local shouldn’t be in config. it should be in the root dir of home-assistant as /www

unless something has changed I don’t know about


doesn’t WWW map to config\www according to what I can garther of info here and there ?

local seems to work when I paste this URL into my browser …


yes it does… but config is your home-assistant root directory. ie /home/homeassistant/.homeassistant is my local instance. this whole path is consider the config directory. so config/www would actually be /home/homeassistant/.homeassistant/www