Unable to set up LG WebOS component

Hey all,
Added all the necessary information in to my configuration.yaml for the above component but whenever I try to do the final pairing through the HomeAssistant homescreen it doesn’t do anything when you press the pair button.
Checked the logs and it just says unable to connect.
I know the IP and MAC address are correct so does anyone know if there are any constraints to it working such as installed version of WebOS or particular models of TV that work?

I’m having the exact same problems here.

Well… I figured out my boo boo…
While I thought my TV was running WebOS it was infact running Netcast 4.5, the predecessor. The model with WebOS came out literally a month after I purchased mine.

Compatibility wise I’m assuming the component will run with any model that LGs mobile app does as it uses the same connection.
LG TV Plus it’s called.

As for yours @cmcelroy09 I believe there’s an option under network settings on the TV to do with remote control that’s disabled by default. May want to start there.