Unable to set up Tile scanner

Hello everyone,

First time poster and Home Assistant newb. This forum has been an amazing resource so far. I’m having issues setting up my Tile BLE tracker. I have set up the app and have 2 tiles set up through the app for testing. In my configuration.yaml I have set up my tile device tracker in accordance with the guide.


  • platform: tile
    password: redacted

When I reboot Hass.io, i get the following errors:

Unable to set up Tile scanner: Error requesting data from clients/b31623b3-7260-4052-916c-8e1d2c202792/sessions: 401, message='Unauthorized'

I’ve triple checked that I am using the correct account username and password. Is there something I’m missing? It’s probably something stupid that I’m failing to do, but I’m at a loss with this one. Thanks for any help you can provide. Cheers!

I have the same problem with one of my tiles :slightly_frowning_face: any resolution?

I’m now receiving this same message, as well. Does anyone have a solution?

ID10T error. I changed my Tile password and forgot to update secrets.yaml. Doh. All works now.