Unable to start Hass Addon via Automation

Hey guys - I am trying to get the core_letsencrypt addon to start daily to do checks. I can start the service via the “call service” dev panel, but in an automation it never starts… Image of the config attached…

PS - wouldnt it be great to be able to export config snippets in YAML/Json/anything? I know it can be extracted - but it would be great to do it in the web panel.

BUMP! BUMP! Hoping someone has something to share… I’m on 0.106.5

I have the same problem with other addons (remote_backup etc.).
Exactly the same behavior as described boojew above.
In my case automation fires but addon does not start.
If I run addon from supervisor, addon works.

Edit: In my case it was caused by a wrong addon slug, now it is back and running again :slight_smile: