Unable to update due to supervisor issues

Hi All -

I’m a new user of home assistant and am slowly getting my integrations and devices connected up. I’ve run into an issue where I can’t ‘upgrade’ home assistant (I’m running on Pi 4, 8GB - with Home Assistant OS 6.2 (Core: 2021.8.6).

When I try to update via the UI it tells me that I can’t because of a supervisor error and when I look at supervisor, it says it can’t because it’s in “Startup”. I’ve re-booted a few times and at this time the host has been up a day or so and still in this state.

“21-08-26 08:22:19 ERROR (MainThread) [supervisor.utils] Can’t execute run while a task is in progress” Is also in the log

Not sure what to do to troubleshoot this.


If it’s a brand new installation of Home Assistant, it could be taking time to check for updates. There’s a considerable lag the first time it starts after the initial installation.

Another factor to consider is space on your SD card. If you don’t have at least 50% free, it may not be allowing a restart to complete an update.

Installation has been done for a several weeks so far. I even did an upgrade at the beginning of August if memory serves.

Under the “System” tab in the supervisor, it says the available space is ~10% used so I dont think it’s running out of space. It was a fresh SD card (i think a 32GB card, IIRC).