Unable to update HA (non-CORE)

I’ve been unable to update past 112.4 for a while now. I’ve checked and I have plenty of disk space. I’m at a loss for what to do next. It looks like it tries to update, waits for 10 minutes, then rolls back. Thoughts or suggestions?

20-08-02 18:30:24 INFO (SyncWorker_5) [supervisor.docker.interface] Update image homeassistant/intel-nuc-homeassistant:0.112.4 to homeassistant/intel-nuc-homeassistant:0.113.3
20-08-02 18:30:24 INFO (SyncWorker_5) [supervisor.docker.interface] Pull image homeassistant/intel-nuc-homeassistant tag 0.113.3.
20-08-02 18:30:42 INFO (SyncWorker_5) [supervisor.docker.interface] Stop homeassistant application
20-08-02 18:30:42 INFO (MainThread) [supervisor.api.proxy] Home Assistant WebSocket API error: Received message 8:1000 is not str
20-08-02 18:30:42 INFO (MainThread) [supervisor.api.proxy] Home Assistant WebSocket API connection is closed
20-08-02 18:31:43 INFO (SyncWorker_5) [supervisor.docker.interface] Clean homeassistant application
20-08-02 18:31:43 INFO (MainThread) [supervisor.homeassistant] Update pulse/client.config: /data/tmp/homeassistant_pulse
20-08-02 18:31:43 INFO (SyncWorker_6) [supervisor.docker.homeassistant] Start homeassistant homeassistant/intel-nuc-homeassistant with version 0.113.3
20-08-02 18:31:48 INFO (MainThread) [supervisor.homeassistant] Updated Home Assistant API token
20-08-02 18:31:48 INFO (MainThread) [supervisor.homeassistant] Home Assistant pip installation in progress
20-08-02 18:32:23 INFO (MainThread) [supervisor.homeassistant] Home Assistant pip installation done
20-08-02 18:42:24 WARNING (MainThread) [supervisor.homeassistant] Don't wait anymore of Home Assistant startup!
20-08-02 18:42:24 CRITICAL (MainThread) [supervisor.homeassistant] HomeAssistant update fails -> rollback!```