Unable to update HA OS to 7.1

Completely new to home automation I now step into the HA world. I acquired a Home Assistant Blue system and am just familiarizing myself.
HA Blue has HA OS 5.13 that I like to update to 7.1. But the automatic option seems to fail so far.
Some additional info:

  • I use a static IP address and I tried DNS Servers and as per online advise
  • other components updated like a charm

Some help is very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

HAOS update failed on Home Assistant Blue - Home Assistant OS - Home Assistant Community (home-assistant.io)

See above. You need to update to 6 first, then 7.

I had the same, but had to do some additional steps

ha os update --version 6.0
ha os update --version 6.6
ha os update --version 7.0

And then i could update to 7.1 with the GUI

Thanks for your reply. It worked (even with skipping the 6.0 update)