Unable to update, system says healthy

Hello, i have encountered an issue. I have an orangepi pc and have been running home assistant for a few years.
i have switched about a year ago from venv to supervised
I am running on a orangepi pc and observer shows it to be connected supported and healthy.

OS Version:               Debian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye)


Home Assistant Core
Installed version
Latest version

and when i click to upgrade from the UI it looks like it starts to update, and then returns to exactly the same place as before i clicked.

if i try to run “ha core update”

Processing... Done.

Command completed successfully.

it completes in less than a second, and doesn’t change the version.

Does anyone have any ideas?

You could try forcing it with

ha core update --version=2023.6.2

Thanks for the reply! but it gives me the same result, less than a second and shows like it’s succesfully completed. :upside_down_face:

Can it see the internet? Can you ping something like www.google.com ?

Yes, it is responding to pings from www.google.com