Unable to update to > HA 2024.1.3; HA 2024.1.3 crashes

Dear all,

I’m unable to update to > HA 2024.1.3; while HA 2024.1.3 crashes once every few days without a clear pattern.

I run HA on

  • Odroid N2/N2+ (4GB)
  • Supervisor: 2023.12.1
  • OS: 11.4

I see on various posts (on github) that people report supervisor logs that shows what happens during the update and next share a rollback log. I cannot see those logs.

Could you please explain to me where I find older supervisor logs (from previous instances) and how to access them, which hopefully give me an indication where the cause lies of these crashes (and the inability to update HA)?



Edit: I tried to downgrade to HA 2023.12.3 but that didn’t worked either