Unable to upgrade OS to latest version 9.2

I am unable to upgrade OS on HA . I run HA on a VM and it has been good , currently its inaccessible , even I am unable to reboot VM ( I am working this from Proxmox side ) . Luckily I took backup and I should be able to restore the VM .

But I am not sure why the VM isn’t coming up . I am upgrading through Frontend ( not aware of any other process) . Anything I can do to fix or install smoothly ?

Image references

update - After multiple attempts of shutdown/stop/reset of VM , one of them worked and stopped the VM and tried to start the VM and came up fine with updated OS .

Now the questions is - is the issue with OS or Proxmox ? I didn’t face this issue before .

I think it is a image bug, i can also not update the os from 8.5 to 9.2.
Iam not using a vm but the generic x86-64.
I get a kernel time sync failed and cli won’t start.
Still not found a fix,rebooting doesnt’t help.