Unable to upgrade to latest Home Assistant

Maybe someone here can offer me some suggestions. I am currently running HA 0.108.9 running in a docker image along side hassio_supervisor, etc. I use the supervisor to upgrade HA and it appears to do so. But then doesn’t connect, doesn’t even open port 8123 on the host. Looking at the logs, it stops at Setting up sensor.hacs. So I think it’s a problem with HACS (currently on 0.24.3). I have tried every combination of upgrading one before the other, removing HACS before and after, yet it always come back to no port 8123 open. I feel like I’ll be stuck here unless I want to attempt a complete reinstall. Hoping to avoid that but we’ll see. Thanks in advance.

When you say you use the supervisor to update HA, do you mean you are clicking on the “update available” button?

Yes sorry, I go to the supervisor icon in HA and click Update under Update Available.

Ok. Did you check the logs on the system page after that? Anything interesting there?

I did, and I disabled/uninstalled every problematic component/device/sensor/etc. BUT I went through, cloned the VM and basically started from scratch, slowly adding components and config files from my old install. After a few hours of debugging, turns out it was an ONVIF camera which was setup in the configuration.yaml. Comment that out and voila! The log never made any reference to that being an issue. It’s working now and I am appreciative of your responding to me. Seems it was an uncommon issue.