Unable to use Spotify as Media source

Since V0.115 I’ve tried to figure out how to pick media from spotify to play in the Media Browser. Currently, Home Assistant only shows tracks that are in local storage with no option to view Spotify. I have the Spotify integration set up, but don’t get the option.

Example of the feature shown in this youtube video

What I currently can select in media browser:

Do you have the folder icon on the bottom right of the Spotify Card? That’s what triggers the stuff in the video you have posted when you click it. It works fine on my 0.118.3 install. I doubt the media browser from the left hand menu bar is designed to do what you are expecting - mainly because that’s a “browser”.

Hmm. No I don’t. Here’s the card when something is playing on my spotify

I’m gathering that what is in the video I posted is a custom Spotify card and not just an entity card?

It’s a standard entity card. I have the folder when nothing is playing.

Ok, I don’t have the folder icon on the standard entity card. Any Idea how I am able to do that?

I just removed and re-added mine to make sure there was nothing special

Here’s the YAML :frowning:

Yea that’s unfortunate because mine is a normal entity as well. Using Google Home Mini for the media player if that is relevant. Thank you for making an effort for me to troubleshoot. Really not sure what’s going on here. I wouldn’t think it would have anything to do with your input_select you have set up.

Judging from what the card shows, I wonder if you have Spotify Premium?

Normally the card only shows controls (such as play, pause, and also the media browser) when the integration actually supports them. Spotify only supports this when you have a Premium account

I do not have Spotify Premium. That’s unfortunate. I figured I would still be able to select a playlist or genre to shuffle play.

@Neil_Brownlee, do you have a premium setup for your Spotify?


Indeed I do have a premium account (Family one). I feed everything I listen to on the radio through IFTTT (webhooks) into Spotify playlists based on genre (yes - I am a music anorak!!!)

Thanks for both of your help. Glad we could figure out the issue. Was really bugging me.