Unauthorized to create user


i’m connected with legacy password system.
I try to create a new user (in the user management menu) , i have the popup with name, login, password, but when i click on create i receive an red unauthorized message.
I’m using last hassio version (0.81.6) but already have the same when testing with previous version.

have you any idea ?

same here… looking fo a solution

you probably need to login with the user created when you updated to a new version of HA that does the new authentication, then you can create more users.

i have only ever used the legacy single password… never created a user. I’m on 79.3

i don’t remember if i have create a user after the update.
i have always use the legacy, and i didn’t see any user list in user management menu.

is there a way to reset (or find) it ? somewhere in a yaml file ?

i found a fix here.
Basically delete the .storage folder and restart the server and when it comes back it will ask to onboard a new user and then the new user can create more user as mentioned by @lolouk44.