Unavailable sensors/ energy spent

Hi everyone,

since ± May 10 I’m facing issues with the platform integration (energy spent sensors). everyday I have negative values in different sensors and I notice that those sensors appear as “unavailable”

the last sensor is the energy spent sensor:

the yaml:

- platform: integration
  name: bw_shp6_e55c_energy_spent
  unique_id: un_bw_shp6_e55c_energy_spent
  source: sensor.bw_shp6_e55c_current_power
  unit_prefix: k
  round: 3
  method: left

as you can see the “*current_power” sensor is ok (showing 0 because is off)

anyone with same issue?

Update to the latest version. It has sme fixes for the Riemann Sum integration.

Also check the history of sensor.bw_shp6_e55c_current_power.

I have the latest version.
History for that sensor is normal.

anyone else with these issues?