Underfloor system recommendation (Europe)

I am looking to acquire full underfloor system for 2 story house. I will need wireless thermostats for 6 rooms. So I am looking for a system recommendation.

The best I could find was HOMEMATIC IP 142974A0 which it’s not sold locally (i’d have to import it from Germany) which is not a big deal, but I also see some complaints about PWM regulation.

I can get Danfoss Icon and Danfoss Link locally, but I was unable to find any home automation information about these. I also found Uponor Smartrix and people have experimented with automating that, but it seems to be a bit raw right now.

Do you know about some better option?

I run 3 zones of electric underfloor heating using the Heatmiser system. 1 Heatmiser Neo-hub which I think runs Zigbee to the three Neo version 2 controllers. The controllers can have a floor sensor to prevent overload and have an internal thermometer and option for an external one too. I believe Heatmiser do wireless controllers too. They’ve sent me their API documentation after a request and seem very responsive to requests and questions.

It’s ran into HomeAssistant with this:

On a side note I’m adding a 4th zone this winter. I’m going to try it with a Sonoff TH16, and the ‘idle/heat’ data from the neighboring Heatmiser unit through a HomeAssistant automation. All my zones are in the same open plan area and over the year their sepparate thermometers have been pretty much the same. In the future I might add an extra wireless thermometer and make that zone entirely HomeAssistant controlled.

This is my heating view. Upstairs Heating is a Tado system, the others are Heatmiser.