Understanding Motion Sensor Setup

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I am sorry if my question has already been asked. I searched the forums and found some help but nothing specific to my situation so I am hoping I can gain some understanding.

Currently I am brand new to Home Assistant but not new to Home Automation. Moving from another platform I am trying to understand the functionality.

I am currently running 5.9 and Zwave. I wanted to start off by understanding the install process since the majority of my devices are Zwave. Starting with my first device. Aeon Labs 5Gen 4in1 sensor. It seemed to install properly but I can not find the reading for the actual Motion. What I see

Gen5. Ready
Alarm Level 0
Alarm Type 0
Burglar 7
Lum 5 Lux
Humidity 23%
Gen5 Sensor ( I assume there Binary) On
SourceNodeID 0
Temp 72F
Battery 100%

Obviously some are self explanatory but how motion is read and detected is puzzling me. From some articles I read it seems burglar is the motion but thats just a number and not an off / on state.

Another article I found talked about the binary which above has a state thats On but never seems to change. How can I see when something is tripped?

Also I want to add this Sensor is USB powered.

Can anyone help me make sense of it?


In the config settings for the zwave device, set the Command Option to ‘binary sensor report’.

That will then create a binary_sensor for motion.

You can in fact use the ‘burglar’ sensor for motion as this number changes depending on motion, but’s not as nice as a binary sensor.


Thanks for the reply I set that according to your photo but what sensor will show the on / off state? I still have only the same sensors listed above with the same outputs. Nothing appears to be going to an off state?

It may require a HA restart. You should get a new entity binary_sensor.aeon_labs_ZW074_multisensor_gen5

I would look to update the node name to something appropriate for it’s location though.