Understanding which zigbee devices are acting as repeaters

I am trying to understand which zigbee devices are acting as repeaters in my zigbee network. I have a bunch of osram and sengled lights which I have been reading online that they don’t act as repeaters, but when I check neighbours for these devices, I see a number of other devices connecting to them as below.

Does the above screenshot imply that this specific device is actually acting as a repeater and other devices are able to connect to it?

No. Sengled bulbs do NOT repeat (since mid 2017 I think). It is a conscious decision by Sengleds engineering team because they got tired of answering questions from people trashing thier mesh when people switched of table lamps.

Repeating isn’t guaranteed by line powered devices it’s just the norm. Sengled had a reason (and a good one IMHO) to do that.

That’s just telling you what it’s relative strength is to all of those other devices. It says nothing about repeating for them

Thanks for clarifying. Just trying to understand the info in the app and trying to reorganise my network.