Unexpected behavior out of Inject Enhanced node?

I have a simple, serial flow that starts with an Inject Enhanced node. Here we are in January, and it’s still passing messages along. Am I misunderstanding the “Time” settings? I believed the “valid days” and “valid months” were an AND rather than an OR…

Oh, wow… so these Inject Enhanced nodes are configured similarly (just different months), but check out the “next run” dates… the top one will run in May 2023, whereas the bottom one–the one shown in the config screen above–will run tomorrow? I don’t get it. (Warm months = Early months… I just changed the name while screen-shotting)

EDIT: I just directly copied the node above (May - Sep at 7:00 AM) and just added two months to the “valid months” section… and the next run date is, again, tomorrow, instead of May. I’m convinced there’s an issue with this node.

EDIT 2: found the Github project and posted an issue there.

OK, running through different configs (just on “valid months”) as a test:

May-Sep selected? Fine.

May-Oct selected? Fine.

May-Nov selected… no good!