Unexpected device found at; expected `waschraumsensor` with mac address `...`, found `waschraumsensor` with mac address `...`

Seeing this message in the log, but I did not change the hardware.
What can I do to let esphome accept the new MAC ?

Read breaking changes in the Home Assistant release notes for the september update.

Hi, yes, saw this. But its the same board. It was never changed. The MAC address changed “magically”.

So I guess, delete from homeassistant/esphome and flash new?

If the mac address change, then it is a different board to HA, so you will have to follow the guidelines.

I have the same problem!
I’ve did not made any hardware changes, all boards are the same… but HA does not see any of my boards. All of them are connected to the same network as HA server.
The only change was an update.
In the logs I got:
"Unexpected device found at… ". what strange is, that is that the system is expecting for example “hallway-esp” board mac under “kallax-esp” name…

Sounds like your config files for ESPHome has gotten mixed up.
Try to reflash one board at a time.

me to…
how to delete old MAC from HA ?

Delete the device under the integration.

Anyone know what is going on with this?

I had to do a reset/restore on my router and suddenly almost ALL of my esphome stuff is broken with this error…I don’t understand why?

Its all the same devices, with the same firmware, on the same network as before. They were all using DHCP and connecting by name, so the IPs shouldn’t matter. ESPHome dashboard shows them all working, but almost everything is unavailable in Home Assistant.

I don’t understand how this can happen when its the same boards with the same firmware on the same network?!

Its almost like HA is improperly caching DNS and not refreshing it (even after a complete reboot)?!

EDIT: I think I found the problem…sounds like it was a bug for a while where ESPHome entities were being saved by IP instead of DNS name facepalm