Unexpected “Garage Door was opened triggered by MQTT

Updated: I am a technology user (as oppose to a developer or general tech demi-god) and I need a bit of advice of how to track down the cause of an event. For unexplained reasons, my garage door was triggered by MQTT. I have the device sending diagnostic to a Syslog server resulting in:

Aug 19 19:07:27 GarageDoor-0550 ESP-SRC: MQTT
Aug 19 19:07:27 GarageDoor-0550 ESP-CMD: Grp 0, Cmd ‘POWER’, Idx 1, Len 2, Pld 1, Data ‘ON’
Aug 19 19:07:27 GarageDoor-0550 ESP-MQT: stat/GarageDoor/RESULT = {“POWER”:“ON”}
Aug 19 19:07:27 GarageDoor-0550 ESP-MQT: stat/GarageDoor/POWER = ON

The garage door has no automation other than the dashboard/mobile button to open or close the garage door and sending a notification when an opening occurs. Nothing else is set up. It has worked great for over a year without incident. The device is a Shelly 1 running which was running Firmware: 9.5.0 for over a year. I have since upgraded to 12.0.2 and still have the same problem. The problem began shortly after upgrading HA (I have since upgrade twice more).

The Logbook simply shows:
Tasmota_garage turned on 7:07:27 PM - 17 hours ago

Any advice on the next steps of analysis?

Home Assistant 2022.8.6
Supervisor 2022.08.3
Operating System 8.4
Frontend 20220802.0 - latest

Start by looking at the Logbook: Open your Home Assistant instance and show your logbook panel.

Do you have state feedback for the Shelly that tells it when the door is open and when it is closed?

If you do, the close cover service should not open it.

From the log:
|9:26:38 PM - Yesterday|switch.tasmota_pier on|
|9:26:39 PM - Yesterday|switch.tasmota_pier off|
|9:26:39 PM - Yesterday - Supervisor|Garage Door was opened triggered by service cover.close_cover|
|9:26:39 PM - Yesterday|Garage Door State was opened|
|9:26:39 PM - Yesterday - Show trace|Garage Door Now triggered by state of Garage Door State was opened|
|9:27:18 PM - Yesterday|Bedor Garage Door was opened|
|9:27:33 PM - Yesterday|Garage Door was closed|
|9:27:33 PM - Yesterday|Garage Door State was closed|

There is a state feedback (from a reed switch integrated into the Shelly) that then triggers a notification to my phone that the door has been opened.
I caused the door to close.

No idea what caused the Shelly/Tasmota switch to fire.

My guess is the problem is most likely an HA issue since the Tasmota switch has been running perfectly for a year and I always keep HA to the latest version. I have turned on turned on logging in the Tasmota device but I need some help understanding the log. Somehow the device is triggering or HA is causing it to be triggered.