Unexpected grouping behavior

Hi, my name is Wolfgang sitting in Cologne/Germany and I’ve just started with HA. Looking for a cloud-free solution I ended with HA and so far I did my first steps successful using Gosund SP1, Arilux LC-06 and Aoycocr bulbs.

Now I’m adding more and more bulbs (up to 12) and HA is autogrouping my bulbs and I don’t know where it comes from.

There are two bulbs in my dining room I grouped together with the “GroupTopic di-room” command in Tasmota. This works fine.
Now adding two additional bulbs in my living room and gave them a “GroupTopic li-room-2” in tasmota.

If I change one device, either dining or living, the other reacts as well. Any idea where this comes from?

Sorry, for maybe a noob question, but I couldn’t find anything about this.

greetings from Germany - wb

how do you do that exactly?

what does that mean?

it’s beyond HA, it does not know anything about Tasmota. They are probably on the same MQTT topic (though I’m not very familiar with Tasmota, just a guess).

what exactly did you do and what exactly happened then?

Make sure you have a different topic for these :

Adding a bulb I power it, figure out the IP and then give it a name where it blongs to in tasmota: i.e. ´led-living-spot-left_1´ and the second one ´led-living-spot-left_2´. They occure in MQTT as ´homeassistant/light/XXXXXX_LI_1´ where XXXXXX are the last 6 digits from the MAC address.
The entity in HA is then ´light.led-living-spot-left_1´.

Autogroup means: if i switch or change color on ´light.led-dining-rear_1´ the bulbs in the living room change also.

The have different topics in MQTT in original:
´homeassistant/light/XXXXXX_LI_1/config´— in the living room
´homeassistant/light/led-esszimmer_0/config´ — in the dining room

As I wrote changing i.e. the color on one device changes the color on all four devices.

@francisp:I thought I need this set to ´homeassistant´ for autodiscover. I’ll try…

Autodiscovery in Tasmota is done by issuing ‘Setoption19 1’ in the tasmota console.

Setting the topic to ´fc-decke-2´ within the two bulbs in the living room will result in loosing most of the other devices:

btw: the Arilux devices as well…(flashed with ESPurna)

Thanks,now working. So I have to set the topic in tasmota to the same for every group.