Unexpected triggers

Help please!!!
I’m running the latest build on a proxmox server. Almost all my devices are zwave nodes and I run automations based on nodered
For some extrange reason, my garage door opens ramdomly without my intervention. I fear my wife will detect that at some point and she could kill me :-)))
The thing is that looking at the logbook I’m realising that it happens one a day more or less just after my wife’s ipad gets connected. What a extrange relationship. I have no clue where is the connection
How could I detect what is triggering that door?
BTW, not sure this is the place for such a question…
thanks in advance…

Check the Debug logs within NodeRed.
Also check the logbook in HA to see what triggers it.
Then try to disable all your automations and see if it still happens.

Most probably there is something wrong with an automation.

Also check if maybe your Zwave Nodes are somehow in a group. I had that once, where a Motion Sensor was triggering a Zwave Plug on motion. Turned out they somehow were in the same group in the zwave integration and i had to delete that first.