Unflashable Gosund UP111 adapter plugs

As above just bought these…
Pack of 4. Trying to reflash them at the moment but the Tasmota Software says that the firmware is too new…just as a warning to anyone else…

That being said…does anyone have any UK recommendations for adapter plugs that play nicely with Home Assistant?

Found this too late! I bought a pack at the end of November - reflashed and worked so well I bought another pack.
Will they work via the Tuya plugin, or did you return them?

Answering my own question, they can be linked to HA using the Tuya plugin.

You can only connect them to one wifi network (no backup) and the output’s a bit basic in comparison:

Sorry - not been messing with HA for a little while (a myriad of other things got in the way!)…had to send them back but, i did find a guy on ebay that seems to have an infinite source of hackable ones which he sells already modded…pm me and ill let you have his email address.