Unhealthy system after update


I’ve done some updating of HA. And since that moment I have a weird repair notification (see image).

Home Assistant Unhealthy System

Home Assistant Unhealthy System text

It says “critical - 6 months ago”. The thing is. 6 months ago I did not have HA.

The update I have done is to 2022.12.4. But I think I also did an update of the OS. There were several updates available.

Thanks for any clarification on this error.

Problem solved for now. After reboot of complete systeem there is no Unhealthy system anymore.

I see somthings after a update also the error
"Unhealthy system setup failed "

Did a reboot, but still the same , i can ignore … looks like system is running ok
I also bought a new SD card for the PI4 and made a fresh new start with the lastest image.
But the first message i see "Unhealthy system setup failed "

I can’t restart it n times…