Unhiding the top and side bar

Hi just started in the world of HA and absolutley love it. Been building a few dashboards and trialled hiding the top bar on one of them. I want to make changes to this dashboard now and cant figure out how to unhide it now any help would.be most appreciated

How did you hide a top bar? This may help you/us to revert it.
There are at least 2 ways to hide a top bar:

  1. Card-mod theme. To unhide - either set a default theme or edit a current theme.
  2. Custom plugin hiding a topbar (I heard about it but never used). To unhide - either uninstall the plugin or switch off hiding a topbar.
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If you use something like wallpanel to hide the bars you can try to add “?edit=1” at the end of the url in the browser. This enables the edit mode again

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