“Unidentified product”

Good evening all,
Today I installed a new deadbolt on my door. It’s a Yale Assure 2, which is new from Yale. The previous iteration of Yale Assure was the XL. Both locks have interchangeable modules, including WiFi, Zigbee, Z-Wave, and reported soon Matter. In any case, I bought the Z-wave module, and included the lock into my network. It included just fine, however, In Zwave JS UI, it’s showing up as “unidentified”

ASSA ABLOY 0x8104 Unknown product 0x05d2

What needs need to be done to update this product?

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re interview the node. If it doesn’t come up check health on the node then re-interview again. If that still doesn’t work, then you’ll probably have to put logging in to debug mode and see what’s up with comms.

This device, YRD420-ZW2, is not in the Z-Wave JS database. You’ll have to submit a request to have it added, or add it yourself by writing the config file. Device files are usually contributed by the community, but you can import a starter file from the linked ZWA database. Note that node-zwave-js is temporarly in maintenance mode, requests or PRs may be delayed indefinitely.

In most cases, the lack of a device file has no relevance to the functionality of the device. You will be missing friendly configuration parameters, but those can be set manually.

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Sorry to bring up an old thread @tamorgen , but I wanted to ask about your experience with the Assure Lock 2 w/Z-Wave. How is everything working for you? Does DoorSense report door state via Z-Wave?

I bought a YRD420 and installed the new Z-Wave 700 series module (AYR-MOD-ZW3) in it. Everything works perfectly except for DoorSense reporting - door status is always undefined. My understanding is that this isn’t a Z-Wave-JS problem, but a limitation in the module itself.

I reached out to Yale support, and they replied with the following:

Good morning, unfortunately, the Z-Wave module for this lock is not available yet, the module you have is not compatible with your lock you could still use it but it’s highly not recommended (use at your own risk).

If the module you have reports door status alerts, I’ll probably get that one instead.

EDIT: reached out to Yale again and the answer changed a bit:

We regret to inform you that the AYR-MOD-ZW3 module is not fully compatible with the Yale Assure lock 2. However, we’re aware of the issue with the compatibility and working on a firmware update that will resolve the compatibility problems.

Unfortunately, we don’t have an estimated time for when the firmware update will be available. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and assure you that we’re doing everything we can to resolve the matter as soon as possible.

That doesn’t sound awesome. Indefinite? Al found something better to do?

Huh? No, the project is alive as ever.

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I have the YRD450 with ZW3 and have the same experience as you. I’m not too concerned about the door sensor, since my house is pre-wired with door sensors. But, that looks like good news from Support.

Anyway, I wanted to see if you observe that bluetooth events, i.e. app interactions or auto-unlock do not get reported by the zwave module. I would have expected them to at least report as “manual (un)lock” events but, sadly, nothing.

I’m pretty sure I can recreate the auto-unlock experience with the HA companion app and a BT beacon though!

I tested with the most recent version of the Yale app (updated yesterday) and observed the following changes in the Logbook in Home Assistant:

I’ve done this previously with monitor and it worked great. I’d love to try BT beacons now that they are natively supported in HA!

Thanks for checking! Wow, I wonder how my device can see (un)lock events triggered by hand, but not BT. I’m truly dumbfounded.

Do you remember if you set up the app first or z-wave. I setup z-wave first (to make sure the device wasn’t tied to existence of the app), which worked for z-wave, but the app would not work until I factory reset the lock. But, I never re-paired z-wave after that. Perhaps this has something to do with it.

I bought the Z-Wave module a few weeks after the lock, so I set up the lock via the Yale app first. I had it connected via a BT proxy to HA for a while before Z-Wave as well. I actually still have the BT proxy connection, but that’s just because I don’t get DoorSense updates via Z-Wave :roll_eyes: .

At this point, I have removed the lock from zwave, and used the app to pair with zwave again. But, still no lock events are coming from app interaction…

Those events in your screenshot couldn’t be coming from the bt proxy, could they? :thinking: They look like zwave events…

I captured those events directly from the Z-Wave device page, so they’re definitely not BT events (interestingly, I didn’t actually receive BT events for that test lol). I just did another test by unlocking/locking via BT from HA and I received the same Z-Wave events.

I should note that I also have the lock associated to Apple HomeKit. I think I remember reading somewhere that having HomeKit connected was required for the lock to fire BT notifications (which could be seen by a HomeAssistant BT proxy), but that shouldn’t affect Z-Wave notifications.

According to Z-Wave JS my ZW3 lock module is running FW v2.35.0 with SDK v7.16.3.

I seem to be behind.

FW 2.17
SDK 7.13.8

Any chance you know where to find the firmware?

My assumption is that firmware updates come through the Yale mobile app via Bluetooth - you might try making sure you’re on the latest app version, connecting to your lock from the app, and leaving it connected for 30s or so to see if it prompts you to update. You can also try reaching out to Yale, they are very responsive.

Yale Support ([email protected]) told me to reach out to Yale Customer Service at [email protected] for beta testing new firmware (which I offered to do but didn’t follow up on), so they might be your best bet for firmware updates.

If you do get newer firmware from them, please post back with what version you get and if it fixes your problem and/or enables DoorSense (:crossed_fingers:).

Yeah, I think you are right. But, I have had no luck prompting an update.

Yale has been responsive, but not helpful. I keep getting the “this module is not supported on your lock”, that you initially received. I may try service@yale instead.

Thanks, and I’ll definitely post if anything happens.

The module’s firmware cannot be updated from its original version.

-Yale Support

well, that’s disappointing :confused:

Good to know… That just 100% guaranteed I will never recommend one of those. An IoT product that can’t take updates is worthless.

I think (hope) this is more of a case of poor knowledge within their support team. Other support members have acknowledged a firmware update is coming. The z-wave manual notes the process of updating the firmware via the usual z-wave method, but you would need a file.

The app certainly is capable of interacting with the z-wave module, so I remain hopeful…

@airdrummingfool assuming your module came with the more recent firmware, I’m curious where you purchased it?

I am similarly hopeful.

eBay, lol. I haven’t done anything to change the firmware on the module since I received it.