UniFi AP AC Lite making some noise

Question for the community. I know unifi/ubiquiti hardware is popular among us. I’ve purchase a UniFi AP AC Lite and I’ve solve all my wifi problem in my house compared to the box provided by my IAP.
I only have one issue. The AP is making some low crackling noise when wifi is used.

Have you experienced that ? Do you know or have ideas on what could I test to reduce or suppress this type of noise?

That is not at all normal. These APs run completely silent.

I would be unplugging it and returning it.

Worst case could be electrical arcing that could cause a fire.

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I have one AP Long range. Have heard low cracking noises a few times but wouldn’t consider it loud at all. It’s not when using the WiFi specifically but at random times and very rare in my case.

I’ve been using Unifi kit for 3 years both at home and at work. Never had this issue (with AC-PROs)

This is not normal, but can happen based on these threads

Exchange / RMA it - Ubiquiti will want it back to inspect.

Thank you I will check If I can change it with amazon or ubuquiti.

I ran into the same issue and I was able to fix it by replacing two components on the PCB of the accesspoint. I’ve written down the details here.

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