Unifi AP VLAN question

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One for your Unifi goofballs.

Can I setup VLANs on a unifi AP without a controller?

Right now I have all my unifi devices flashed with OpenWRT and am trunking vlans down for different SSIDs, but managing them is a pain. It is working well however, I do like the idea of a centralized management portal for SSIDs etc.

with a Unifi controller and the APs, is it possible to setup multiple SSIDs and do VLAN tagging on those SSIDs?


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Sure is. Just know you don’t actually need a physical controller to do it. You can just spin up the software.

I have unifi controller running to manage my switches and APs.

Vlans are setup under “networks” as “3rd party” and just assign vlan number

When setting up wifi network you can assign a vlan to the ssid.

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Is this done under “Virtual Networks”?

Please correct me if I’m mistaken, but.

  1. Does the Unifi Controller need to be connect to a TRUNK port?
  2. I take it that the VLAN configuration is pushed to the APs via the Unifi Controller, and all APs should be connected to a TRUNK port.

The Unifi controller is just software. It doesn’t need to be inline (technically, it doesn’t even need to be on the same physical network). Yes, they would need to be on a trunked port, but I would presume that’s how you already have this configured.

One thing I managed to glaze over, just for completeness sake, is that you will have to flash the Unifi firmware back on the APs to use the controller.

Thanks for the help!

Got everything up and running. Quite a complex VLAN setup but all is going and its now a little easier to manage using the unifi controller again.


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