UniFi client stays blocked in USG after unblock - UniFi bug?

So I recently started using the UniFi integration to easily block/unblock wired devices in my household. But I have had to restart my USG (Firewall) the last couple of days to get PC’s online again after block. It’s like they keep being blocked, after unblocking them, have tried blocking/unblocking from the UniFi app as well. When this problem occur, the clients can access everything on the inside of the network, but can not ping the internal IP of the USG - all other devices (than have not been blocked) can. After a USG reboot, everything works.
Has anyone else experienced something similar?

There seems to be a UniFi issue, I haven’t replicated it myself

Ok, but it’s not that I can’t control the access - it just doesn’t open the access fully again. I would agree that it seems to be related to a bug in the UniFi USG or controller as I can’t open access from the UniFi app either. Only a restart of the USG seems to do the trick (at least that’s the solution I have found).

Have found out that it seems to be related to date change. I have used the integration for more than a month - and as long as I enable access on the same day it was disabled (before midnight) it works like a charm.

@DebugBug were you able to identify anything further with this issue? I am also experiencing the same thing.

I can block devices successfully (Samsung TV, Sony TV, Windows Machines) but sometimes (only sometimes) it wont allow me to unblock again. Im trying to experiment to see what causes it but its affecting the family and wife is not happy!

From what I can tell if I unblock and block once in a day it seems to be OK but if I do it more than once then the second time it wont unblock access. I dont want to say it is only the Windows machines but I have only seen it on the windows machines.

In checking the Unifi portal all seems OK - its unblocked but then the client is not allowed on the network. The only thing that fixes it is a restart of the USG.

Any other insights appreciated.

@ben-digitalhive No, unfortunately, it did not stay reliable over time. I have experienced exactly the same as you describe, on all kinds of devices - not isolated to Windows. So I have stopped using the integration all together.

Adding my experience to this

Have the same issue with devices not unblocking, but in my case it is 100% failure for WIFI devices only, wired devices unblock fine, but phones and laptops fail to unblock.

Become kind of useless this integration.

Anybody found any solution?
The problem was both with udm (not pro) and now with udm + u6lr:
Clients getting blocked, sometimes don’t get blocked, or get unblocked after a while.
Or when want to unblock a client I have to unblock and re-block it a few times to take effect.
My cheap ISP modem does this without any problem!!!

I have the same problem.
Sometimes I need to block and unblock the clients several times before they gets unblocked.
Would be really nice to get this working as I would love to use this for internet restrictions for the kids.

From what you say it sounds like it would be an issue on unifi side. Is that correct?

FWIW, it seems to be a firewall issue.

IMO when blocking a client, it not only puts your mac address on a blacklist on your switches (wired or wireless) but it also ads an entry in the firewall somewhere

Forcing the firewall to reload fixes the issue.

Obviously not automatable, but at least a direction to look into.