Unifi configuration control from HA possible?

I have a full unifi network including a dream machine pro at the heart of it

I have a number of traffic rules defined that can easily be enabled or disable from the UI, these are mostly an easy way for me to control the internet to the kids devices if needed

i believe there is an integration, but i don’t think it offers this yet

i read there is a few api projects about but cant seem to find that that might allow this and wanted to see if anyone has done it as it would be great to have buttons in HA for some of these entries to easily turn them on and off


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There is a open PR for it Add Traffic Rule switches to UniFi Network by ViViDboarder · Pull Request #104671 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

But its paused for the moment.


According to a few posts on the UniFi forums, the API calls to enable/disable traffic rules stopped working recently.

Once the fix it (IF they fix it), you could write some RESTful switches to modify the traffic rules and access the API directly.