Unifi Controller Access and


I installed the UniFi Controller and after I deinstalled my previous controller and reset my nanoHD, I was able to add them to the new controller inside HA. But…

  1. I can not access the controller with my mobile phone app UniFi Network, or add UniFi to HA
  2. The devices (nanoHD) worked fine, but now are unable to add, or adding, so I cant configure them or show the connected devices etc.

I disabled the ssl option in the UniFi Controller Config of HA. Inside the controller (homeassistant.local:8443) I also changed the settings as follow:
Controller Hostname/IP: homeassistant.local
Override Inform Host: true

The wifi is working, but I want to access the controler through HA, Mobile App and I want to monitor the devices. Where is my mistake?

OK, I solve the problem:

I change the host to “homeassistant” and enable “Enable Network Discovery (Make controller discoverable on L2 network)”

Now the APs are connected to the controler.

I disable the 2AF to add the UniFi AddOn to HA.