Unifi controller device tracker not removable

I want remove some device trackers that are not correct. But when I look at the integration page I can’t delete this?
The option for delete is greyed out. How can I remove this from the integration?

Disable the entity by using the slider.
The integration will always show your own unifi device. And will always re-discover it when you delete it.
You can exclude it when using it in your configuration.

@finity :laughing:

I know this one really sticks in your craw. You got a workaround for @silver323?

@koenhaemels thanks for the advise. But this is an wrong device tracker. Because this is not the correct unifi device. So disable would only not showing it.

Would like to delete this from the whole integration.

@flamingm0e yes it’s not pretty that this is in the discovered entities.

if it were only that easy…

you can’t.

the only way that the devs are allowing us to delete individual entities at this time is to delete the entire integration. then of course if you want to still have all of the other entities back then you have to re-add the integration and go thru it to set everything back up again.

That’s kind of like what people would call the “nuclear option” (destroy everything to remove one bit and rebuild from the rubble) but it’s all we have for now.

And yes, stupid stuff like this sticks in my craw… :wink:

@finity well thanks for your answer. it is a pity that the option is there to remove something but that it cannot be used is a missed opportunity.
So i’ve i remove the whole integration and after that I add this again the unknown entitities will be gone? Because they are not recognized in my unifi controller.

Is your plan to use it in a card or something like that (lovelace)? Try to exclude it.

as long as they are no longer in your unifi controller then the entities shouldn’t get re-added to HA.

So I deleted the integration. Did an restart of HA and add the integration again.
The old entities that where old and nog right are gone for now.

That was the best solution. Hopefully the option of delete entities will be working in the future.