Unifi controller integration, make device tracker and rx/tx stat sensors optional for all entities

At the request of @Robban I am opening this feature request. As it stands, you must either track every client on the network or none at all. This is the same for rx/tx stats.

I am proposing a drop down similar to the way network client access switches work. You would be able to select which clients are tracked and which are ignored.

This is a continuation of a discussion that started with this issue.

I like it, I could just extend with adding drop downs as extra details

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I forget the exact details as I was forced to remove it immediately but when I installed this awesome addon, my HA was flooded with hundreds of devices/entities I was not interested in having in HA. I mostly wanted to integrate a small select number of wifi devices, and my UDMP, 13 switches and 4 APs that are running my home network. The more features to limit what is exposed the better. Even more so if one can selectively add stuff later.

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Yes. This, please.