UniFi Controller - some stupid questions

Hi folks,

I use the UniFi Controller on a Windows10 machine and want to switch to Linux on my RaspberryPI → HomeAssistant-Installation

The Controller-Addon is allready installed and the BackUp from the Windows Machine is loaded to the UniFi Controller running in HomeAssistant on my RspberryPi

The Webinterface is reachable and everything looks fine …

Except of the problem that all my Unifi devices aren’t connected

The controller tries to connect them but it looks like a dead-loop

How can I make the Controller-Software work on the RaspberryPi with my hardware?

When I switch back to the Windows-Version everything works fine.

The other thing is…:
How can I update the Controller-Software on Home-Assistant?

Thanks a lot

You have to follow Ubiquiti’s process of migrating UniFi devices from one controller to another. That’s why your devices show as disconnected in the new controller because they are still being managed by the old controller.

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Okay, that worked.

Now I just want to know hw to update to 6.4.54

I have switched to a seperate raspberry pi as unifi controller. Now I can always update to the latest version with a deb package donwload.

Thanks, but I only have one