Unifi controller - system hang up

Hi All,

I’m coming over from Domoticz to Home Assistant and what a relief :slight_smile: .
I get all my sensors working except for 1 and that is the unifi controller web app.
When i tried to install this, it works but after few minutes the whole system doesn’t respond anymore. Then I need to make a clean install and start over again.
I’m on the latest Home Assistant Operating System for RPI 3B+ (64bit) with the addon for Unfi directly from Home Assistant.

Can somebody help me out here?

Anyone who can help?

I’m just guessing here but I’d think that the controller is probably resource hungry and a 3b is having trouble keeping up. Do you have a memory and cpu sensor set up? Is there any spike?

You can enable them by adding sys mon to your config

Yeah can be the issue, i haven’t enable the sys monitor.
I will set this up, do you have any idea how to set the resources?

And can i run the application on the PI with Home Assistant? I don’t have a hardware controller or VM running for the UI web.

Anyone who knows what the best settings are for CPU & Ram on & RPI 3B to run the Unifi Controller?

Honestly, I would just download the version that can run on a PC. Then you can use the Unifi Network integration in HA to connect to it and get device trackers and all that fun stuff.

Alternately, get a UDM Pro or SE. WELL worth the money. If I had it to do over, I’d get the SE, but that wasn’t out when I bought my Pro.

Yeah but the PC must always be on. Thats the whole issue.

Sounds like it’s time to buy a dream machine.