Unifi Doorbell Automation works, but too much!

Just getting into home assistant and its amazing!

I have connected up my unifi protect system, and I have also connected alexa media player via HAS.

Delighted to have worked out how to have alexa tell me when someone is at the door. using this:

service: notify.alexa_media_Everything
  message: There is someone at the front door
    type: announce
    method: speak

It works great when the doorbell is hit I get notified via alexa. I also managed to hook up a Ring Chime to do the same thing.

However around 30 seconds after the doorbell has been rung, both Alexa and the Ring Chime go off again. For the life of me I dont know why. All I can think is I have picked the wrong trigger, but there are like 50 different things for a unifi Doorbell. Hopefull someone could tell me which trigger they are using?

So, how does your trigger look like then?
I am using a state trigger based on the binary sensor called binary_sensor.doorbell (because I called my devices “Doorbell”). This binary sensor turns on for about 10 seconds after pressing the door bell, and then turns off again. Make sure you define from and to state in your trigger.

  - platform: state
    entity_id: binary_sensor.doorbell
    from: "off"
    to: "on"

Ok I will try I think we are using the same sensor?

However in the from and to section I have no options for on or off, I have detected, clear, unavailable and unknown.

So perhaps not the right sensor. I have to say all these triggers and sensors and devices is super confusing, there must 50 for this doorbell, from sensor ‘dark’ to sensor ‘select door bell type’


Ok I manually typed in off and on and tested and touch wood, no repeats

Thank you!

Yes, that looks right. I might have renamed my sensor to binary_sensor.doorbell after adding the integration.

Ah, that’s becaue the sensor is recognised as an “Occupancy” sensor. You can choose “From: Clear” and “To: Detected” from the drop-down-list and get the exact same result.

I think its working, so I backed away really carefully and closed the door quietly.