Unifi Doorbell G4 last snapshot casted to Google Home via intermediate docker image

Hi there, from now on i can see who is at the front door on my Google Home. It goes via an intermediate docker image, which (on automation trigger) streams a generated video to the Google Home. The video, once the URL is called; is generated at runtime by fetching the latest snapshot image from the camera, combine it with a Ding-Dong sound and create an MP4 from it using ffmpeg and sends that file as a response to the calling service.

Basically it is a ‘generated’ MP4 of 10 seconds long with the latest snapshot of the cam + the ding-dong MP3 under it. So nothing spectacular, but it helps with the Wife Acceptance Factor.

Please reply if you want to know more so i can upload my Docker image (+ source) to Github and give a more thorough rundown of how i achieved it!?

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Yes please.

I just cast the stream to the google hub, but there is a considerable delay in the video-feed this way. Would that be much improved with your approach?

@Gilles_van_den_Hoven I would like to use this feature. Could you share the github link ? thanks

Casting is indeed horribly slow, sometimes takes 10 seconds and i have no clue why still.
I might revert back to casting the ‘ding’ to a separate speaker and just the picture to the Google Home device.