Unifi Dream Machine Pro

Anyone else on here have a unifi dream machine pro and having issues with auto discovery? I have my mDNS setting enabled. I did recently change my ip scheme on my local lan but my iot vlan is the same ip scheme and vlan id it was before. Cant find anything… not sure if the mDNS setting is working on the UDM pro or not.

I’ve not had any issues, and I have IoT on a vlan.

However, I wish HA would integrate into the udmp.

Hmm how are you running your home assistant? I’m running The vm of hassio wonder if it’s an issue because I changed up scheme it’s on.

I’m running a Ubuntu VM on a Win10 box. Are you only having issues connected to items on your VLAN? Or everything? If it’s only your VLAN, do you have your firewalls set to accept established and related from LAN to IoT VLAN under LAN In?

Yea, i had that setup before with a gen1 cloudkey and security gateway and hassio was able to discover devices on its own on the iot vlan… i can add things manually using the configuration file specifying the ip on the iot vlan but the discovery feature doesnt seem to be working. Odd.

Hi, did you ever sort this out, I seem to be having the same problem

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Nope I moved on. Just manually setup stuff via ip now.

Anybody use UDM Pro and solve problems with auto-discovery ???