Unifi Integration: Ability to control Traffic & Firewall rules

It would be great to have ability to turn on (resume) and off (pause) individual Traffic rules that are configured in the Unifi Controller through the Unifi Integration.

There is an option to turn on and off DPI rules, but this functionality has been moved to the new Traffic & Firewall rules, and is stated that will be discontinued in future Network Controller updates.

This would enable automating i.e. kids restrictions, etc.

I’m thinking for every rule there should be a switch created by the integration, which controls Enabled flag for the rule. This is similar to the existing DPI rule functionality, which will be discontinued in future releases.

Bad timing.
Unify just updated their firmware and you will be lucky to have anything working in a few days.

There is a PR for Traffic rules Add Traffic Rule switches to UniFi Network by ViViDboarder · Pull Request #104671 · home-assistant/core · GitHub unfortunately the author became a parent in the middle of it so no ETA atm.