Unifi Integration: Device Tracker (iPhone MAC address changes)

This seems like an issue that should be easily searchable but I can’t find any threads/posts.

I have an iPhone 13, and it shows up among my Unifi device tracker entities. For instance, there will be an entity for device_tracker.unifi_4e_92_31_13_3a_2f_default that is disabled by default in HA, so I’ll enable it and change the name to “Toreupfeet’s iPhone 13”. And it will work great to track whether my iPhone is on the wifi network …until the phone changes to a new MAC address (after a few weeks) and I need to login to my Unifi network to find that new MAC, and repeat the process to enable/rename the appropriate entity, so I once again have “Toreupfeet’s iPhone 13.”

Is this the only way to achieve my objective of having a reliable tracker for my iPhone on my wifi network (Home/Away states)?

In the wifi settings on your phone disable the private address function for your home network. This will stop it randomising the mac address.


Thank you!

But is it safe to do this setting?

Yes, it only does it for the specific wifi network.