Unifi integration - images

With latest HA version, unifi integration supports images:
Provides QR Code images that can be scanned to easily join a specific WLAN. Entities are disabled by default. This feature requires admin privileges.

However, i dont see it :stuck_out_tongue:
How are they named like?

I’m in the same boat. I have the UDMPROSE and can see the new count of clients and the switch to enable/disable the wifi but no entities for QR codes (disabled or otherwise).

Go to unifi integration → Devices. Search for your wifi switch. Under the Diagnostic, select “1 entity not shown”. And guess what, this not shown entity is the QR code :slight_smile:

How do you see the enable/Disable wifi switch?

Is it the poe power switches you mean?
Those i see too, but no enable/disable wifi per accespoint switch.

I dont see wifi switch.
Is it just the wifi SSID? you mean?
I see 2 (one non public and one public)

I was having trouble with this too and then remembered reading something about the Unifi login needing Admin rights in order for any of this to work. I went into my Unifi Controller and changed the Home Assistant user from “read-only” to “admin” and then restarted Home Assistant. The WLAN switches showed up and the image entity was then available (disabled).

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yes i changed rights, and now its visible, i did have to enable the qr though

is it a good idea to give the HA user admin rights`?

I think it’s a cost vs benefit calculation in this particular case. You can always argue for or against any specific set of permissions based on what you’re looking to accomplish. In general the user account should have exactly the permissions it needs to accomplish their tasks. Getting that granular isn’t always something that can be done though. In this case, if you want the Wifi control, you have to elevate the permissions. Can’t assign something as “read only” and then expect it to be able to do any more than that. Decision everyone will have to make for themselves. If you don’t give the elevated permission you don’t get that functionality, which is probably fine for a lot of people.

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