Unifi integration not creating device_tracker entities

I have the Unifi integration set up and it has populated known_devices.yaml with all my wifi clients, two of which (smartphones) I’ve set track to true.

In the history chart in the UI all the devices are showing and it correctly tracks when the two smartphones are at home or away.

However there’s nothing from the Unifi integration under entities so I can’t link the Unifi devices to a user / the Unifi integration hasn’t created any device trackers.

How do I get the Unifi integration to populate entities / create device trackers?

I’ve tried searching this form but most posts are about connecting to the Unifi controller to begin with (I don’t appear to have a problem with that).

I’ve completely wiped my HA installation on docker, docker itself and started from scratch (with the same config files that I had backed up) and what do you know…

seems to be working fine now.