Unifi Integration - so strategic, so visible on the internet and yet requiring so much maintenance

Hi there,

I am raising a topic to check if others face the same situation as I do.
I bought Ubiquiti Unifi equipement because of its reputation as semi-professional equipement.
One of the triggers for me to invest was also the Unifi integration, supposed to be the state-of-the-art with a full support from Ubiquiti.
For those who were not aware, one of the founders of HA, @balloob, even spent some time working for Ubiquiti.

A few years later, I am quite happy with the Unifi equipement, having a UDM Pro, a few switches and APs to cover a house. Their software is reliable, easy to handle, clean and shiny. I like it.

But the integration requires far too much maintenance.
New devices with no details associated are created regularly. They are impossible to delete.
Some entity names change without any human implication making device tracking a nightmare.
I gave up using POE switches as after being off for a few days, I had to go back to the unifi controller to switch it back on.
I tried to set it up back from scratch a few times with no improvement at all.

Unifi integration is very strategic in my home equipment/automation system.
I saw very few updates in HA over the last year or so, just a few patches from various contributors (and I must thank them for it; I would not be able to contribute as well).
Is this integration considered to be stable?
Are you, other users of this integration, facing the same issues?
Am I doing something wrong here?

I see the same thing and it’s the biggest complaint I have about the integration.

However, unfortunately, that is by design and will never change.

I have no experience with the POE switches. I never turn my POE stuff off tho.