Unifi integration=unique controller?

I hope I can get an answer here, if I should post somewhere else please advise
My question is about the Unifi integration in HA.
If I install this integration, does this mean that now the integration is actually the Unifi controller? In other words, what if I already run a Unifi controller on another device? Can I/Should I keep that running as well, or should I migrate my network to the new controller and disable the old one?
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You ask about the Unifi integration.

I want to make sure you understand the difference between an Integration and an Addon in Home Assistant

You can safely install the Unifi integration and let is connect to your existing Unifi controller. That is what I do. What this adds to HA is mainly a nice Unifi based device tracker.

The Unifi Addon however is a real Unifi controller. When you install this Home Assistants Supervisor installs and starts a Unifi controller running in Docker. And then in Home Assistant the integration can connect to the Unifi Controller Addon.


thank you Kenneth, this is really helpful. As a total beginner I certainly did not grasp that difference. So it looks that all I have to do is pay attention that I install the Unifi integration and take it from there, not the add-on.
Very cool!

now I’m being a real noob here but I can’t seem to find how to install an integration?
I did install some integrations with the initial HA setup but now if I go to Configuration-Integrations and I search for Unifi I get no result - I suppose this only shows the integrations that I already have. I can find the Unifi Add-on in the add-on store but it seems there is no “integrations store”?

On the integrations page did you press the big yellow circle with a + sign on the lower right?

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I just saw that before I headed here to see your suggestion. And that is after two cups of coffee, so really no excuse!
Thanks a lot!