Unifi Network integration RX and TX sensors show incorrect values


A while ago, I have added my Unifi gateway into the Home Assistant network integration. Everything seemed to work fine, except for the download and upload values. When i compared them to what i was seeing in the Unifi dashboard, the numbers did not match. I have tried removing and re-adding the integration twice, however the issue persists.

Does anyone have an idea on what could be causing this problem?

Video comparison:

Mb/sec (Megabit per second) and MB/sec (Megabyte per second) are two different values. Since 1 Byte equals 8 Bit you can take the Mb value and time it by 8 to get the MB value. I didn’t do the math but that seems with first glance to be the “issue”.

Edit: I did the math: 76 Mbps in your Unifi console is roughly 9,5 MB/sec (your HA displays 9,43) so it is correct.

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I see. thank you for letting me know!

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If you want the same values both places you could probably solve it by templating in HA.