Unifi Network Integration - Shut Down Entity

Hi guys; how awesome would it be if this integration would have a Shut Down button. In that case Home Assistant could initiate a gracefull shut down to a Unifi gateway in case of a power outage. There is allready the Network UPS Tools Integration that sees if the UPS is operating on battery, so if that is the case it would be great if a power off command could be triggered to the Unifi gateway. Strange enough there is allready a Restart entity in this integration, so why not add shutdown as well. Happy to hear any thoughts.

You are right; shutdown is at console level in the OS and not started from within the App. What would be a workaround for this ? Any ideas ?

You should be able to accomplish this through ssh with a shell command.

Here is a write up from proxmox to a udm pro that goes over how to set up the ssh keys as well as the shutdown command.

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