Unifi Network Monitoring Using InfluxDB, Grafana on Unraid docker

Have you dreamed of monitoring your UniFi network with Docker; the wait for me is over thanks to “UniFi-Poller”. First of all the credits for this goes to those guys (UniFi-Poller).


  • Unraid or Docker under Ubuntu
  • Grafana
  • InfluxDB

Ubiquiti makes networking devices like switches, gateways (routers) and wireless access points. They have a line of equipment named UniFi that uses a controller to keep stats and simplify network device configuration. This controller can be installed on Windows, macOS, FreeBSD, Linux or Docker. Ubiquiti also provides a dedicated hardware device called a CloudKey that runs the controller software. More recently they’ve developed the Dream Machine; it’s still in beta / early access, but UniFi Poller can collect its data!. For Installation and Configuration, visit:
There you will find all the steps you have to take. So far, I can say the setup was very easy and straight forward.


Check out guys and give a big thanks to those guys…


Yep these dashboards are really nice, It was a snap to install and much easier than using Graylog.

This is really great!!! Thank you so much. I have been using a UniFi exporter for managing the UniFi equipment in the office but as it seems I will migrate to this one. Support for InfluxDB and Prometheus is great :slight_smile: and please don’t let start talking about the pre-made dashboards.

What kind of hardware would this need to run on? Would a pi Zero W be enough? I also have a pi 3b, but it is currently running pi hole and mqtt on DietPi OS

I’m 5 month late but I was wondering if this would work with a docker install of Home Assistant, using HA InfluxDB and Grafana addons ? Seems it works great but you have to duplicate both Grafana and InfluxDB which seems not optimal.

Does anyone knows of a good install tutorial connected to HA’s InfluxDB ? I thinl once the data is in InfluxDB, using HA’s Grafana should be easy.

you can check out these videos

I have a separate Pi that is lying around can I do the docker install and setup in that and still connect to HA?

I have not tried that yet; i would assume that you should be able to do so.

Do you still have this running on your unraid instance?

Unfortunately no. my unraid server got fried by lighting a couple months ago and i still haven’t had a chance to redo it yet.